Tutorial: Stories Explained

This story explains how stories work The whole thing you see here - from the far left to the far right - is called "Story"... Scroll right to learn more about the individual parts of stories... :-)

A story consists of individual slides. You can add more of them using the menu bar. A slide starts here... ... and ends here. A slide

The 2 people sitting on a bike, car or other vehicle are called "heroes". You can choose between a few of them by using the cog in the menu bar. The Hero The hero also has lines and hearts. You can choose some settings by using the cog and "Hero settings" in the menu bar. Hearts & Line Hero!

Everything you add to a slide using the "+" button in the menu bar is an element. Elements can have different effects, depending on the element. Try it out! This is an element Elephant. Uhm, Element. Elements The text is also an element

The bottom line the hero is driving on is called terrain. Terrain We talk about this line!

Now you know all the parts of a story. Choose any of our other explanation stories to learn more about effects and special elements. That's it!

Hang loose while the amazing story
"Stories Explained"
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